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CUMTS is always collecting feedback on welfare issues. If you have any suggestions, problems or concerns, we'd love to hear about them, whether they're relating to particular shows, or regarding CUMTS as a whole.

General welfare form

This is a completely general rolling feedback form. If you have any problems/suggestions about CUMTS as a society, this is a great way to let us know! Responses are checked regularly and we would really appreciate your feedback. The only people who will have access to your responses are the CUMTS President (Gina Stock) and the CUMTS Welfare Rep (Naalini Bird).

Show welfare forms

CUMTS aims to send out 3 welfare forms to all individuals involved in shows, so if you would like to give feedback on a particular show you generally have access to these show-specific forms, which are:

  • Audition welfare form - sent out as soon as auditions have been completed and the show is cast

  • Rehearsals and show week welfare form - sent out once the show has been completed

  • A rolling welfare form - available throughout the whole process of preparing and putting on a show, so that suggestions, issues and concerns can be raised as they occur.

In all cases, the only people who will have access to your responses are the show welfare contact, and the CUMTS Welfare Rep (Naalini Bird). If you have any questions about any of the welfare forms we send out for shows, then email

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