Meet this year's CUMTS Committee! For individual contact details, see the Contact page.

PRESIDENT - Justin Wilson


Hello everyone! I’m Justin, a fourth year Medic at Eddies and your reigning King CUMT! These last few years I have adored being a part of Cambridge MT, and I’m so thrilled to get to look after everything we do this year, from our main shows to bar nights, workshops to socials, CUMTS has something for everyone! I can’t wait to welcome all our brand new CUMTS to the family, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! Big CUMTS Love xx

SECRETARY - Ella Nevill

Hey!! I’m Ella, a third year HSPS student at Clare! I only got involved with CUMTS for the first time during my second year at Cambridge but had an amazing year full of performing and choreographing, as well as making lots of wonderful talented friends As secretary this year I hope to be a friendly face if you’re someone who wants to join in on all of the thespy fun, whilst also working on theatre access projects for the Cambridge community and beyond!


JUNIOR TREASURER - Arthur Roadnight


Hello hello! My name is Arthur and I am a third year student at Christ’s who spends the majority of his time wondering how he made it to third year so fast, and the rest of his time doing musical theatre. I also sometimes eat. I will be the treasurer for CUMTS this year, which just means I’ll be in charge of watching money come in or out (hopefully in) to our society bank account. BUT I am also a friendly face first and foremost. If you have any questions or ever feel like you need someone to talk to, then I’ll always be somewhere around the ADC for a chat! Cambridge can be a very very overwhelming place but I genuinely feel that being a part of CUMTS can really help. I am certainly grateful for all the support people have given me over the last few years, and I cannot wait to be able to give back to the society that I owe so much to.


Hi guys, I’m Alex, a third year studying music at Trinity and am delighted to be CUMTS Musician’s Rep this year. Over the past two years in Cambridge, I have enjoyed being a part of a number of shows as either a musical director, composer or band musician, surrounded by a network of wonderfully talented musicians. Musicians and MDs are absolutely integral to making CUMTS shows as remarkable as they are, so I look forward to being able to assist and answer any questions about the music side of things wherever I can. Looking forward to meeting many more CUMTS this year!


BAR NIGHT'S REP - Maddie Smith


Hey all – I'm Maddie, and I don’t get enough attention as a second year studying Linguistics at Newnham, so I’m also this year’s Bar Nights Rep! Bar Nights are an opportunity for anyone to belt out their favourite musical theatre banger in a supportive and relaxed setting, so were key to finding my feet as a fresher in the wilderness that is Cambridge Theatre. Whatever happens this year, I can’t wait to dedicate as much time as possible to listening in awe to you talented bunch and chatting whenever about any questions/worries/strong musical theatre opinions you may have! (Please indulge this it’s becoming a problem).


Hello everyone! I'm Ben - a third year Engineering student at Jesus, and the technician's representative for CUMTS this year. I discovered Cambridge theatre in my second year and was immediately hooked - I'm a techie at heart but you'll occasionally catch me composing. If you're considering getting involved with the technical side of CUMTS shows, have questions, want help, or if you just want to chat about anything at all, I'm always around. Can't wait to meet you all soon! 




Hiya! I’m Dan (he/him), a 3rd year medic at Fitz and I’m so excited to take on the role of Social and Welfare Sec for the remainder of this year! CUMTS has been such a great part of my life at university and has brought some amazing friends into my life. I’ll be organising some socials (remotely for now...but only for now) and try to keep the CUMTS family connected whilst we’re all so far apart. Aside from that, I’m also dedicated to the welfare of all CUMTS members - please don’t hesitate to contact me via Messenger or email me ( for anything at all over these difficult times. I want everyone to feel as welcomed and a part of the CUMTS family as I was made to feel when I first got involved!

PUBLICIST - Belle Dileto

Hi everyone! I’m Belle and I’m a third year HSPS Student at Magdalene. I am also this year’s CUMTS Publicist! CUMTS was a huge part of both of my years here and I have loved every second of it; I  took part in my fair share of shows and met lots of amazing new people. I am always happy to chat about getting involved with us either on or off stage and answer any of your publicity-related questions! I look forward to meeting all the new CUMTS!

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