Meet this year's CUMTS Committee! For individual contact details, see the Contact page.

PRESIDENT - Laurence T-Stannard

Hi! I’m Laurence, your president (King CUMT) for the coming year! I’ve spent my previous 2 years in Cambridge madly doing as much musical theatre as is humanly possible and I’m so delighted to be in charge of making CUMTS as great as it can be and introducing all the new freshers to the wonderful world of Cambridge Theatre! As President I keep a watchful eye over everything that CUMTS does, Mainshows, Bar Nights, 24 Hour, Gala, socials + more! I study music at Johns and also sing in the choir there, so don’t worry about fitting theatre in around your schedule, there’s always time for CUMTS! Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries about anything! CUMTS love xox

SECRETARY - Jessica Hopkins

Hi! I'm Jess, a third year muso at Clare who is excited to finally be putting her Year 3 touch typing lessons to good use as this year's CUMTS secretary! If you have any questions about getting involved, or anything to do with CUMTS at all, drop me a line or come say hi - you can bet I'll either be in Clare Chapel convincing the rest of the choir to come to the ADC bar, or running around fulfilling my duties as Laurence's PA..! CUMTS has been such an important part of my time at Cambridge, and I can't wait to help make this year just as good for all the new baby CUMTS xx


Heya! I’m Justin, your Treasurer this year (also a second year Medic at Eddies on the side). CUMTS has taken over my life in the best way; I was involved in a few shows last year, and I can’t wait to do more and see what talent this year brings! If you’ve got any questions about CUMTS or show funding feel free to send them my way - just remember that I’m in charge of the money, so if you want it for a show, be nice to me x

MUSICIANS' REP - Sam Macdonald

Hi everyone! I’m in my third year studing Music at Pembroke. Having been involved with a number of CUMTS shows in my time here, I’m looking forward to being your Musician’s Rep this year. I’m active as a musical director, composer, sound designer, and band member, so if you have any queries about music in theatre don’t hesitate to ask. If I can’t answer it myself I will certainly be able send you to someone who can! Looking forward to meeting the future of CUMTS casts, crews, and bands!

te to ask. If I can’t answer it myself I will certainly be able send you to someone who can! Looking forward to meeting the future of CUMTS casts, crews, and bands!

BAR NIGHT'S REP - Arthur Roadnight

Hello! I'm Arthur - now a second year student at Christ's studying linguistics - and this year I'll be taking on the role of Bar Nights Rep! Bar Nights are an evening of songs for performers who are less confident about singing in a full show (and also those performers who just want an extra chance to be in the limelight). Bar Nights played a huge role in making me feel at home in the crazy world that is Cambridge theatre. That's why this year, I'm here to try and help other people feel at home too. Let me know if you ever want a chat or to ask any questions, I'm always around the theatre somewhere.

TECHNICIAN'S REP - Jonathan Iceton

Hi everyone, I'm Jonathan - a third year Music student at Emmanuel, and more importantly this year's technician's representative and resident baritone of the committee! If you ever have any questions about getting involved in the technical side of things in our shows, (or just want to have a group lament that tenors always get all the good parts), you'll usually find me at the back of our ADC Bar Nights trying to get the sound levels right and applaud at the same time. Contact me anytime, I'm always free for a cup of tea, especially to meet new CUMTS!


Hey to all you gorgeous CUMTS! I’m Mabel, I’m in second year doing English at Pembroke and I’m your social and welfare rep this year! I’ll be organising various social events and excitements throughout the year, and will be the no.1 person to turn to if you’re concerned about anything (and always here if you need a hug/chat/biscuit). CUMTS has been the absolute highlight of my time at Cambridge so far, so I cannot wait to welcome you into the family! Please feel free to pop me a message whenever with any questions/hopes/fears/dreams etc. Big love!

PUBLICIST - Belle Dileto

Hi everyone! I’m Belle and I’m a second year HSPS Student at Magdalene. I am also this year’s CUMTS Publicist! CUMTS was a huge part of my first year and I loved every second of it; I  took part in my fair share of shows and met lots of new people. I am always happy to chat about getting involved with us either on or off stage and answer any of your publicity-related questions! I look forward to meeting all the new CUMTS!

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