Meet this year's CUMTS Committee! For individual contact details, see the Contact page.

PRESIDENT - Charlotte Dargan


Hi! I'm Charlotte, a 3rd year at Robinson studying Geography and this years' CUMTS president! I can't wait to watch CUMTS grow this year as more people join our MT family and celebrate CUMTS 25th birthday! I've both choreographed and performed in CUMTS shows but if you have any MT related questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message ( or!

SECRETARY - Ffion Godwin 

Hi! I’m Ffion and I’m a 3rd year doing English at Murray Edwards. I’m so excited to be this year’s secretary! I’ve really loved being involved in performing and choreographing for CUMTS shows over the past few years and I can’t wait to be part of the committee that makes it all happen! If you have any questions at all, feel free to send them my way and I’d be very happy to help out! (



Greg edited.jpg

Hiya! I'm Greg a 3rd year at Clare studying Land Economy. I'm the treasurer for CUMTS for this year which means I am in charge of the money!! I'll be making sure shows are keeping on track with their spending and are progressing smoothly:). My background in MT is mainly as an actor having really thrown myself into it in the last year post-covid, so please feel free to ask me any questions about this (e.g. auditions, rehearsals, commitment levels) - I'm always around for a chat (fb or

MUSICIANS' REP - Lily Blundell

Hi, I'm Lily and I'm incredibly excited to be the CUMTS Musicians' Rep this year! I'm a third year studying Music at Wolfson, and my main responsibilities for CUMTS are maintaining the pit band mailing list (get yourself signed up if you want to play in some bands!), accompanying the termly bar nights, and musical directing our Lent Term extravaganza, Gala. My background is as a composer, musical director and sound designer, so feel free to ask me any questions about playing in bands, musical directing, composing, or MT in general! (


BAR NIGHT'S REP - Isaac Jackson


Hello! My name is Isaac - a 2nd year English student at Christ's - and I’m delighted to be serving as this year’s Bar Nights Rep. Bar nights are where I started my time with CUMTS and a perfect, chill way to get involved with the society. I’m always happy to chat (I promise not exclusively about musical theatre) and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Hi! I'm Lizzy, a 3rd year BioNatsci at Sidney now doing History and Philosophy of Science (see natscis can do theatre!). I started out on the music side of MT but here I am as techie so if I can start from knowing basically no tech to being tech rep then you can definitely get involved with set, lights, sound or just keeping the wheels moving backstage. Feel free to ask me any Qs about tech or just MT in general - (if I can't answer it I'll find you someone more qualified than me :))


PUBLICIST - Charis Lister



I'm Jas, a third year musician at Churchill and I can't wait to be the CUMTS social sec this year! I've loved getting involved in CUMTS shows over the past year, both as an MD and as a performer. By far the best thing about this has been the fabulous people I've met doing shows; as social sec I'd love to help continue to foster a friendly environment through a variety of events throughout the year. Do feel free to facebook/email me (jr849) at any time - much love!! x

Hi! My name’s Charis, a third-year Historian at Clare and I’m your CUMTS publicist this year! I’m so excited to be keeping everyone in the loop on socials with new CUMTS opportunities, and am always around to chat - shoot me a message anytime on Instagram DM, Facebook messenger or my email ( and I’ll do my best to help out <33


WELFARE REP - Kate Caspari


Hello! I’m Kate, a second year at Lucy Cav studying Education, Policy, and International Development. CUMTS members are genuinely some of the most welcoming, friendly, lovely people you can meet in Cambridge and have made me feel so at home here. I’m really looking forward to hopefully making sure that as many people get to benefit from that environment as possible throughout the year! Please do get in touch with me (kec64) at any time if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, and I will be more than happy to help!