Whilst ADC Bar Nights are cancelled for Michaelmas 2020, we are exploring other venues and formats - keep up with CUMTS on social media for updates. With luck Bar Nights will be back in Lent!

Bar Nights are informal musical theatre concerts held in the ADC Theatre Bar three times every term, in which anybody can perform!


Auditions are held a couple of days before, and all you need to do is turn up with a song (we’ll usually have the sheet music, but maybe email ahead if it’s obscure), sing it for us, and if you get in, you can perform it on the Monday night.


The Bar Nights themselves are really informal and really relaxed, and perfect for any performers who may be nervous about auditioning for a CUMTS show but would like a low-pressure environment to have a shot a performing. It’s a great chance to practice audition songs for other shows, to perform a song that you wouldn't otherwise get to perform, or simply to have fun performing one of your favs in front of a friendly audience.


We also have themed Bar Nights every term, which in the past have included ‘Heroes and Villains’, ‘Parts I’d Never Play’, ‘Duets’ and ‘Old & New’ (a mix of pre-1965 classics and original student compositions), as well as the first of the year - The Freshers Bar Night. So please come along and audition, or buy a ticket to the next one to see what it’s all about!