Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society

Get Involved

All of the performers, musicians and production team for our shows and bar nights are amateurs and come from the student community in Cambridge. Below is some information on how to get involved in each area.

Actors, Singers and Dancers

All our shows hold open auditions for all roles, including chorus parts.

Details of auditions are posted on alongside auditions for almost all other student shows in Cambridge. Auditions for major shows tend to be held either at the very beginning or the very end of term.

We also hold auditions for our bar nights, which are generally held once or twice a term. The best way to find out about auditions for these is to sign up to our mailing list here.


If you're interested in playing for one of our shows, you can sign up to our pit band mailing list here. We also occasionally advertise pit band requirements for other societies' shows on the same list.

The band are generally called a few times in the weeks before the show, then they are normally required for dress rehearsals (on the Monday and Tuesday before the show opens), as well as the shows themselves.

Technicians and production team

All our major shows hold an open application process for production team roles. These are almost always advertised on, alongside production team vacancies for shows from other Cambridge theatre groups.

If you're new to theatre or to Cambridge and are looking to get involved backstage on a show (e.g. in lighting, sound, set building/painting, costuming, props or stage management), then it's worth getting in touch with the producer of a show directly (you can find their name on the show page on this website, or contact us if you're having problems). Not all shows advertise for assistant positions, but many shows are short of crew so there's no harm in getting in touch.

Put on a show

All of our shows are decided upon based on applications from potential production teams. We normally open applications for shows towards the beginning of the previous term (e.g. around Week 1 of Easter Term for our flagship Michaelmas Term Week 5 slot in the ADC Theatre) - keep an eye on this website for details.

You will normally be asked to provide a few pages of notes about your ideas for the show, and an informal interview will be held.

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